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ASAP Restoration team of specialists are always adapting to the latest in water restoration methods and technology, this ensures that we provide the fastest and most reliable flood cleanup and water damage services available. We are equipped with the best materials, tools and equipment, and the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the industry. We are committed to providing you the best flood and water cleanup services in Brooklyn, at the most affordable price around.

At ASAP Restoration , we know the type of water damage our Brooklyn customers face. Most of the time, Brooklyn NY water damage is out of your control and will need emergency care. We are here to help and ensure that you can live in your home as comfortable and safe as possible. We specialize in water extraction, water restoration, water damage repair, and many other water removal services that were created exactly for your situation. We use all available water mitigation services to give you the best residential or commercial property restoration.

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Brooklyn NY Water Damage Restoration

  • You’ll need proper water damage services from a home water damage restoration company that knows exactly what it is doing. ASAP Restoration has years of experience in water damage cleanup and reconstruction of flooded and water damaged homes and businesses. Our Brooklyn NY professionals are qualified to do any water removal job necessary, no matter if you have some leaky or broken pipe water damage or something more severe such as large-loss from sudden storm damage. When you need emergency water removal and flood damage cleanup, we make it our mission to check your home from top to bottom to make sure that all excess water and moisture is eliminated. Call our Brooklyn water damage company today!

Brooklyn NY Water Damage Restoration

  • If any form of standing water is left, and isn’t properly addressed or is left untreated, it can eventually pose serious risks to the health of those who live or work on the property. Whether the water in your home or business is due to a sink overflow, a leaking pipe, a malfunctioning water heater, or a sewage backup, the professionals at ASAP Restoration  have seen it all. We are trained and equipped to cleanup and restore your property back to its original condition.

    Give us a call 24/7 as soon as you have a water damage emergency and we will gladly take a look and create a plan of action. As a water damage company near you, we are strongly dedicated to helping you with your immediate emergencies, day or night, 24/7.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Water damage can occur from pipe bursts, appliance malfunctions, roof leaks, foundation leaks, septic tank overflows, poor drainage, and more. Flash flooding, pipe bursts, and sewage backups are especially dangerous as they can produce several inches of water in less than a day.

Floodwater that comes from outside and from sewage backups contains dangerous contaminants like viruses and bacteria. If the water isn’t drained within 24-48 hours, structural damage and mold growth can ensue. Even water leaks that infiltrate your home slowly can cause damage to the building and lead to mold growth. Mold left unchecked will spread quickly through the home.

Firstly, contact a water damage restoration company as soon as possible. Don’t wait as water can cause mold and irremediable damage to the wood, walls, and carpet in your home. Afterwards, contact your insurance company to start the claim process. If safe, shut off the utilities in your home to avoid further damage. Don’t enter your home if it has suffered structural damage. Don’t walk through floodwater if electricity hasn’t been turned off and to avoid contaminants.

The first thing professionals do is remove damaged materials that will either be restored or discarded. Materials include baseboards, insulation, furniture, carpeting, upholstery, carpet padding, fragile woods, drywall, and more. After the damaged items are removed, the technicians begin drying out the water and disinfecting the areas. Specialized tools like air movers and dehumidifiers are typically involved in the drying process. Professionals will also handle mold damage in the restoration process. Mold-infected surfaces will be disinfected and restored as quickly as possible to prevent it from spreading.

Homeowners insurance provides coverage for damage that is sudden and accidental (such as water heater ruptures or pipe bursts). However, flood damage, no matter the source of the water, is NOT covered by standard homeowners policies. Flooding can occur from storms, sewer backup, and overflowing rivers, ponds, lakes, and oceans. However, you can purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. Note that water damage that results from lack of maintenance is not covered on a standard homeowners insurance policy.

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